Solar Installation & Roofing

Get your roof paid for... Get your solar paid for...

In 20-minutes, we’ll get you the facts, figures, terms, interest rates, etc.

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Between us and our partners at LGCY, we have hundreds of thousands of customers powering their homes with renewable energy each month. You’re going to love how simple it is, we guarantee it. 

Your Brand New Roof for $0. Your Brand New Solar System for $0. $350 – $1,100 Rebates or Equivalent cash towards your next home project available (Fourth of July sale expires 7/5/2021).

The Cadillac of Customer Service Since 1999.

As a certified, licensed, bonded, and insured roofer, we’re able to go down several avenues to get you the newest technology in roofing and have it paid for. All you have to do is give us an honest review of your experience. Not every home qualifies. 

Whether it’s solar or roofing, with NatEco, you don’t lift a finger. Let us get you white glove service, at a competitive price and / or dramatically lower price. Not every home qualifies.



We learned a while back it doesn’t matter how good the job is done, if it’s not clean when we leave. There’s a good chance no one has told you the many almost secretive ways to get a new roof, and this is why we will continue to grow and dominate the market. We are committed to keeping our mom and pop local business atmosphere.
At least three times each week someone tells us that no one has been able to share the details of their roof or solar project in quite the same way that answered all their questions and made it simple and to the point.

For roofing, this is simple, just click the buttons to See If You Qualify. From there we’ll schedule a no obligation free roof inspection. Your roof is worth great insulation in the summer, winter, and not having to worry about roof leaks. 

For solar, your roof is worth having a workable energy grid without raising rates, and an alternative to dirty expensive energy. It’s worth our community having 100% clean energy on our grid. It’s worth to you sometimes over $26,000 in federal tax credits. It’s worth sometimes upwards of $27,000 in state tax credits. Add it up, and your roof could be worth over $53,000 that gets paid to you. The average homeowner gets around $20,000. If you’re moving soon, you still get to keep the $20,000, and pay off the system with the proceeds to the sale of the home. For the home seller, it means (with a green certified realtor) a faster sale (selling the home with a $17 electric bill), and often more money for the home. I’d be happy with the $20k. We say backyard a ground mounted solar with landscaping is all the rage (if you have 15-feet from your neighbors).

The downsides are virtually none if you have a good concierge. There’s a lot of bad roofing and even worse solar out there. You want a team of people that will keep you in the loop, and get back to you quickly. If the team isn’t responsive, it can make getting a roof and more solar complex process. If the company voids your roof warranty, that’s not good. If the salesperson is pushy, downside, very common in solar. If you’re moving, and the company doesn’t support you with the transfer or pay off of the system, it can make moving a nightmare. If the design looks ugly, no bueno. You should be proud to our your new roof or new solar system. Like any other industry, there’s good, better, best. We’ll treat you like billionaire. 

We donate a portion of our proceeds to education and the environment. Prior to solar, we were marketing for nonprofits. We’ve raised over $2M for these causes near and dear to our hearts. We’re happy to take suggestions of what education needs there are in your community, and what nature emergencies are happening near you.

Past performance doesn’t guarantee future outcomes.